Zero Hunger Institute and Research Group on Agriculture, Food and Development at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul join efforts to promote healthy and sustainable food for all.

Rio de Janeiro, April 27, 2021- The fight against hunger and the promotion of sufficient, healthy, adequate, and sustainable food for all, are objectives that fundamentally pass through rural development: the improvement of living conditions in the countryside determines the quality, accessibility, and price of food that reaches the cities, in addition, to directly influence the economy and environmental conservation.

Given the importance of bringing together the most diverse interested sectors, the Zero Hunger Institute and the Research Group on Agriculture, Food and Development (GEPAD – UFRGS), today announced the commitment to cooperation.

The Research Group on Agriculture, Food and Development (GEPAD – UFRGS), has 15 years of experience in developing research and studies in the rural area of ​​food, with national and international recognition. The Zero Hunger Institute, in turn, was born with the proposal to unite civil society, governments, private initiatives, and academia for the transformation of food systems.

Both organizations undertake to cooperate to carry out academic activities, studies, and projects in the areas in which the two entities operate, establish a joint action agenda, and exchange specialists to carry out studies, internships, and activities at the local level, national and international.

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